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Problems with 1950s/Early 60s European pickups? We specialise in repairing these ledgendary units using the original methods / machinery and components.

Many of the pickups we receive are easily repairable and can in most cases, be easily returned to their original working specifications and looks, using the correct machinery and methods.

Why have non original modern coils / parts fitted to your vintage classic? We also have stocks of many vintage coils /magnets / parts for sale and reference.



Please note: Electric guitar wiring can often look incredibly simple. However, do not attempt to replace pickups unless you are confident in your own ability. It is always more cost effective to have a qualified technician do the work. This will then be done quickly and correctly, without possible damage to your instrument or annoying after effects such as hum or whistling.

Classic Brit Dimensions


Wiring diagram for Classic British pickups